CEO Speak up Sis™ LLC

Author of Speak with Chic: One woman. Ten truths. its companion God, I've Got Questions: 10 Bible Studies for Women Workbook and When I Met Him I am the mother of four fabulous humans, an inspirational conversationalist, author, and international educator. I have twenty years of experience as a teacher, coach, and advocate for underserved and diverse populations. Although I have worked within state, federal, and international arenas, it's forty years of life experiences and lessons lived and learned as a daughter, mother, wife, sister and friend that have better prepared me for my life’s journey. My story mirrors so many untold stories of little girls who survived and thrived despite growing up in the projects of Georgia. I survived childhood sexual abuse, life with a single-parent mom who battled drug addiction, and so much more. 


After marriage, motherhood, depression and divorce, I discovered my life's purpose while driving down Deans Bridge Road in Augusta, GA sobbing and asking God all the questions for which I had no answers. He reassured me the plan He had for me was good and not disastrous. I realized at one of the lowest points in my life that my pain had purpose, and I resolved to support individuals who have lost hope in God, life and themselves. I share my personal story of resiliency and faith to help others overcome adversity by acknowledging, embracing and sharing their testimonies.


I created Speak up Sis, LLC to help people overcome the hard stuff of life and live as overcomers. Through the Speak up Sis community, I am able to create spaces for everyday people to acknowledge, own and give voice to truth, so they too will give voice to their stories in their own, unique way. Speak up Sis provides programs and services that allow authentic conversations, connections, and assistance that build resilience reinforce positive decision-making skills that will impact and improve the quality of life for women, their families, and communities. Currently, Speak up Sis includes Speak up Sis™ Podcast, Speak up Sis™ Talk Radio, Speak up Sis ™ Bookshelf and The Morning Show for Believers.