We've all been there.


 Assistance Program

Helping to Carry the Burden

Why I've Been There (IBT)?

Our founder, Author Angel Charmaine, knows what it means to be part of the working poor.  She has been an unwed, single mom, a married mom and a divorced mom who worked everyday and still needed a little help sometimes. However, she learned there are very few resources for working people who earn a little above the poverty line but not enough to take care of all the bills when emergencies arise. Speak up Sis IBT ministry will not pay all of a person's bills. IBT is not a crutch. IBT is designed to give a little hope by giving a little help when needed. 


Who do we help?    

Single parents in the Augusta, GA/CSRA region. Both women and men are eligible to receive assistance.

What we are unable to do?

IBT is not able to help with major bills, ie. rental assistance, vehicle payments, cell phone bills, credit card bills, student loan payments, etc.

How do we help?

We provide small amounts of financial assistance in the form of gift cards and gas cards for one of the following: food purchases, vehicle fuel or help with a household utility.  The amount of assistance and the number of families we can help are based solely on availability of funds. 

We also conduct food and clothing drives as wells as provide back-to-school drives for needy families.

How can you help?

1) Your sponsorship gives hope and help.  

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2) Purchase & wear Speak up Sis merchandise to bring awareness.