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Join Angel Charmaine for her weekly podcast giving space, opportunity and permission to everyday people to share the wisdom of their stories to inspire the stories of others.  Angel and her guests approach grown folks issues in a light-hearted, oftentimes humorous manner from a kingdom perspective. Speak up Sis! is hosted on Anchor and can be found on your favorite podcasts.


Episode 12:

Are You Special To Him?

James Lampkin, host of Conversations with Lamp Podcast, joins me to share nuggets of wisdom from his 17 years experience as a man who married the only woman he's ever loved besides his mother.


Episode 11:

Unmasking Epilepsy

Christina Lucas-Jackson is a mother and educator who also lives with seizures. Christina joins me to share her journey as an adult diagnosed with epilepsy. We have a conversation to help unmask and destigmatize the disorder.


Episode 10:

Unlikely Leader

Aaron Smith enters the Speak up Sis space to share his journey from prison inmate to entrepreneurial trailblazer who gives voice to the voiceless. Contact Aaron on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/escapingtheodds


Episode 9: 

From Under a Bridge

Author Blossom Rogers joins me to discuss her spiral downward into drug addiction, her introduction to lesbianism and ultimately her journey upwards to recovery, triumph and redemption. Visit Blossom online at www.BlossomRogers.weebly.com.