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Join Angel Charmaine for her weekly podcast giving space, opportunity and permission to everyday people to share the wisdom of their stories to inspire the stories of others.  Angel and her guests approach grown folks issues in a light-hearted, oftentimes humorous manner from a kingdom perspective. Speak up Sis! is hosted on Anchor and can be found on your favorite podcasts.


Episode 8:

Unlimited Freedom

Sapphire Starr, creator of Organize Kaos and Freedom 2 Travel Network, joins me to discuss the idea of being free to live the type of life you want to live.  Sapphire shares her journey of becoming financially free which allows her to travel the globe.  Connect with Sapphire Starr at www.organize-kaos.com


Episode 7:

Dating on Purpose

Omar Liles, founder of Agape Love Network LLC shares wisdom about dating with a purpose. In this conversation we discuss online dating, divorce, the cost of dating and so much more. Connect with Omar online at www.AgapeLoveNetwork.net. 


Episode 6:

Change Thru Pain

Sherri Williams, author/singer song writer/playwright, shares her journey off change through the pain of losing two children to early deaths. Connect with Sherri at www.solswm.com


Episode 5: 

Good Mom Bad Mom

Sonya Mitchell, shares wisdom from her journey as a mom and an educator. Sonya and I have a candid discussion about  what constitutes a good mom and a bad mom.