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What would you do if vision and purpose led you away from your family and to another continent?

Well, my guest Aishah had to answer this question and make a decision that would literally change the direction of her life.  Tune-in Monday morning to hear the inspiring stories of Aishah and Hafsah as they pursue purpose and merge cultures with tacos!

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Almost 5 years ago, I was introduced to an online, Instagram fitness community called Fitgirlsguide, and it helped change my life, but two years ago, I had some major life changes that caused me to put fitness, health and wellness on "the back burner." However, I decided to reclaim this part of my life.


My guest on this episode, Angy, joined Fitgirlsguide about a month after me and life's stuff took her off track too. Angy joins me to share her journey back to fitness, health and wellness through the Fitgirlsguide community. To learn more about the community, visit To share your fit journey with me, send me a message at

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