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Season 2 Episode 7:

Do It Scared!

Have you ever had a desire to do something, but you were petrified to do it? Maybe you felt unqualified so you didn't apply. Maybe you didn't feel pretty enough, so you declined to go. This episode is for everyone who has a heart's desire to do something, but who has not because of fear. Speak up Sis Podcast host, Angel Charmaine, shares words of wisdom to encourage you to just "do it scared!" Follow Angel Charmaine on Instagram @Angel.Charmaine.


Season 2 Episode 6:

Who is in your tribe?

It is always important to know the intentions of those within your inner and outer circles. We need to know if those around us are attached or connected. In this episode, Speak up Sis Podcast host, Angel Charmaine, shares words of wisdom by sharing a story. Follow Angel Charmaine on Instagram @Angel.Charmaine.


Season 2 Episode 5:

Love's Emotional Rollercoaster 

First-time collaboration between Speak up Sis Podcast and Dope Discussions with Erica Live. We invited Alvino Bell, author of Catch 23, back into the space to talk about how and why women and men end up in relationships with people who keep them on an emotional rollercoaster. Visit Author Erica Warren on Facebook at Follow Author Alvino Bell on Instagram at @alvinobell. Visit Angel Charmaine at and subscribe for updates all things Speak up Sis and Angel Charmaine.


Season 2 Episode 4: 

Is he a Catch 23?

Alvino Bell wraps up Speak up Sis Podcast's "Month of Men's Voices" by sharing some characteristics of men that women should be aware of while dating. Alvino is the author of the book Catch 23 where he lists and explores 23 different types of men that women meet and shares words of wisdom about how to recognize these traits and how to handle yourself as a women when meeting any of these types of men. Follow Author Alvino Bell on IG @alvinobell

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