Get Ready to Take Action

Speak up Sis! is safe space where women make connections, have authentic conversations, and receive support to strengthen resiliency, gain clarity and make empowered decisions to improve their quality of life which impacts their families, communities and the world.

Each Speak up Sis! group experience is facilitated by Inspirational Conversationalist/Author Angel Charmaine along with 1-2 guest women facilitators. The facilitators all bring something special to the conversation. Sometimes, they are singers, authors, playwrights, dancers, poets, but what they all have in common is an extraordinary life testimony to share with other women.


Because the experience is safe-space, the maximum number of participants is twenty (20) women - private or public. The Speak up Sis! Group Experience is hosted by an individual, business or organization that invites Angel Charmaine and the Speak up Sis! Experience to their local community to help get women unstuck, to revive dreams, and to empower purpose.  The host can choose to host a private Speak up Sis! group experience with a few friends in a home environment or an "open to the public" group experience in a public venue. 

Contact us today to bring an authentic, fresh, real and relevant perspective to the women in your community via a Speak up Sis! Group Experience. 

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