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Support Speak Up Sis

People often ask how they can just "be a blessing" to me and help with Speak Up Sis®. The answer is almost always, "Thank you, but I got it." The truth is that I DO need help, and I welcome your financial contributions. If you would like to support the work I do through Speak Up Sis®, you can give a recurring gift or a one-time gift. When you click the button, you will be able to select MEMBERSHIP or SUPPORT. Membership allows for a recurring gift and Support allows for a one-time contribution.

We are not a non-profit organization, so your gift is not tax-deductible.

Support Levels


As a Supporter, you have an opportunity to help ensure women get information, resources and support to heal, overcome and transform their lives.


As a Sis Sponsor, you consider yourself a part of the Speak Up Sis® Community or have been positively impacted by the community, and you want to help ensure other women have the same opportunities to grow and heal in our community.  


As a Krysàlis Sponsor, you believe in the transformative power that sharing authentic conversations in safe, protected spaces has on building resilience in women, and you believe the Speak Up Sis® Community helps women to get unstuck, find their voice, speak up and heal.

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