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Season 3: Voices of Triumph


Reggie Lowe, CEO of R&L Advising, LLC joins me to discuss his journey from living in a homeless shelter in Atlanta, GA to owning his own credit advising company and ultimately resigning from his 9-5 job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship. Reggie is an awesome storyteller and is sure to draw you in and captivate you while teaching you a few things along the way.


Contact Reggie Lowe with R & L Advising by phone at (770) 807-9781 or email at Make sure to leave a voice message, email a comment, and/or rate and review this episode.

Chew-up the Meat & Spit-out the Bones


When you're single, being alone may sometimes feel lonely and send you back-stepping into relationships that weren't good for you and still aren't.


In this segment of Chew-up the Meat & Spit-out the Bones, Angel Charmaine gives 5 reasons we want to go back as well as 5 reasons we need to let that old thing go.


Chew-up the Meat & Spit-out the Bones is a new Speak up Sis Podcast segment where host Angel Charmaine shares raw and uncut advice about life based on her 40+ years of screwing-up and learning from mistakes...hindsight is always 20/20.

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