Join Angel Charmaine for her weekly podcast giving space, opportunity and permission to everyday people to share the wisdom of their stories to inspire the stories of others.  Angel and her guests approach grown folks issues in a light-hearted, oftentimes humorous manner from a kingdom perspective. Speak up Sis! is hosted on Anchor and can be found on your favorite podcasts.

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Should you put your relationship status on on social media? Can you stay in contact with your ex? Should everything be 50/50? Can you have a work spouse? Should women propose to men? These taboo topics and more are discussed on this episode.

MEET THE 🔵🔥 PANEL 🎧 Christina Jackson has an inspiring, charismatic personality and teaches Culinary Arts to high school students. She is single and has a 21-years-old daughter. 🎧 Brian Porter is a minister, author, playwright, podcaster, motivational speaker and life coach. When all people can see when they look in the mirror is an acorn, Brian says he helps to bring out the oak tree potential from the acorn. He loves to jump start people's lives with hope, Inspiration, and a new perspective 🎧 Aleceia Howard is the Operations Manager and HR Coordinator for a political based c4 that encourages young people to be civically engaged. As a proud millennial and VSU alumna, Aleceia enjoys serving the community and inspiring her peers to be their best selves. 🎧 Quincy Shelton is the host of Talk2Q Radio Show. A show fueled by his desire to bring morals and values back to mainstream America one show at a time. His motto is "No experts. Just opinions."


Every 2nd Monday of the month, I share a bite-sized piece of wisdom to help inspire, empower, and/or encourage you while you travel along life's journey through the Chew up the Meat & Spit out the Bones (CUTM&SOTB) segment.


I share lessons learned from my own journey to inspire yours. On this segment of CUTM & SOTB, I share a lesson learned by watching one of my son's wrestling team mates wrestle to earn a region champ title. Take a listen and be encouraged to trust your gut.

If you have a topic you'd like some seasoned advice for, please send your topic and questions to


This is a special episode of Speak up Sis Podcast, and I am going to have a conversation with 11 year old Tristan, his mom, and his fitness trainer about childhood obesity and Tristan's uber positive attitude about changing his fitness and eating habits.


Tristan's asthma medication started weight gain around 5/6 yrs old. Both of his parents are obese and dealt with it as adults as well as childhood, so mom took the initiative to enroll and join in fitness class with him to encourage him and to let him know he’s not by himself and that mom needed to get healthy as well.


Follow Tristan'a journey on Instagram at @tristans_fitness_journey 

Patricia Flournoy aka Nappy Pat is a licensed Beauty Specialist with at least 30 years experience in the beauty industry. She is a trendsetter in the hair industry and the owner of Karisma Contour Body Spa & Salon in Augusta, GA.


Nappy Pat has joined the Speak up Sis Podcast family and will host #NappyPatTalks on the 4th Monday of the month. She will be talking all things hair, beauty and fashion. On this first episode, Nappy Pat and I talk about the uniqueness of black women's hair and reasons why and why not black women rock their natural tresses. She even answers some listener questions about hair care.


If you have questions you would like to ask Nappy Pat, email her at or contact her online at

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