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Join Angel Charmaine for her weekly podcast giving space, opportunity and permission to everyday people to share the wisdom of their stories to inspire the stories of others.  Angel and her guests approach grown folks issues in a light-hearted, oftentimes humorous manner from a kingdom perspective. Speak up Sis! is hosted on Anchor and can be found on your favorite podcasts.


This episode is the Blue Flame round table discussion, and it is. From whom we should take advice to who is qualified to give advice right down to who is responsible for someone being hurt because of bad advice. My guests for this discussion are Gator Live, Valerie Champion and Raphael Tommie. Make sure to follow Speak up Sis Podcast on FB and IG @speakupsispodcast


Gator Live is co-host of Down 5 Podcast and Dope Discussions with Erica Podcast

Valerie Champion is host of Mama Goose Show 

Raphael Tommie is host of Can You Blame Me Podcast

Angel Charmaine is host of Speak Up Sis Podcast


Lorna Williams and Charnell Williams (not related) join me for this Blue Flame conversation about women's healthcare, especially black women's healthcare.


Lorna shares her story of finding out she was carrying a twin-sized fibroid tumor in her uterus, and her journey to having it removed.


Charnell is a black, woman business owner who joins the discussion to ad some wise words for all women to heed.


Email to leave comments, feedback or suggest Blue Flame conversation topics.


The Chew up the Meat & Spit out the Bones segment of Speak Up Sis Podcast is a short, approximately 15 minutes or less episode where I share some words of wisdom and nuggets I've learned on my life journey to possibly help you on yours.


On this segment of CUTM & SOTB, I talk about getting started with a thing and not despising it's small beginning as well as trusting the growth process and ultimately allowing it to go and perform it's intended purpose.


Follow me on Instagram and Facebook at @SpeakUpSisPodcast and subscribe to my Youtube at

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On this segment of One-on-One w/Angel, I speak with Dr. Claire A. Smith who is an author, speaker, spiritual mentor and coach as well as Founder of Blazing Star Network. Blazing Star Network is a professional training and spiritual coaching firm.


Claire sits with me to talk about lessons she has learned in life and love of Christ to move from being a busy leader to a productive servant. This is a power-packed 30 minute conversation. I'd love to hear your feedback. Send me your questions and comments at


To learn more about Dr. Claire A. Smith, visit her online at or email her at