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Being able to simply "be" and express who we really are and how we truly feel helps to build self-confidence, trust and loyalty.

Speak Up Sis® Experience

The Speak Up Sis® Experience with Angel Charmaineis is transformative, life altering and creates safe places globally for women to have authentic conversations with other women to foster resiliency and combat mental health concerns like anxiety and depression as well as the everyday "hard things" of life within a group setting.


By using facilitated discussions coupled with written and performance arts, I have helped hundreds of women across the United States who attend Speak Up Sis! Experiences to overcome guilt, shame, self-condemnation, unworthiness, and so much more by acknowledging and owning truth and sharing their stories in a protected space with other women.  


Speak Up Sis! Experience with Angel Charmaine is an intimate, in-person experience of 25 women or less.  If you are an individual, church, company or organization who would like to host a Speak Up Sis! Experience with Angel Charmaine, please complete the following form and someone will reach out to you to discuss the opportunity with you.

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