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New Release

When I Met Him

By: Angel Charmaine

Have you ever listened to a woman talk about a man and think to yourself, "We must know the same guy?"


In Angel Charmaine's newest book, When I Met Him, she has done it again. Angel shares raw, real, honest stories of personal encounters with ten different men through ten new conversational narratives that will connect with the hearts and spirits of woman around the world.  It's almost guaranteed you know one of these men for yourself, or you know a woman who has met him. Which man do you know?


I love the sisterhood such positive, blessed by God, anointed women. When you can be in a setting with different Queens to express yourself with no judgement, laughter and truth...I love it. Continued blessings for Speak up Sis! I love you Ms. Angel Charmaine.

Tiffany Coates

This woman is a powerhouse. She will ignite your soul, inspire you to do things you didn't think you had the power to do. Everyone comes to earth with a gift, she is living with hers to the fullest. She definitely sparks my fire!!! I love this fiery, true authentic and genuine spirit.

Chris Dorcelus

I love her truth-telling self! She holds no bars, but tells it like it is!

Valerie Champion


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