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Let's Transform Lives Together

Speak up Sis! was born August 27, 2018 and the very first Speak up Sis! Experience was hosted by Ms. Pamela Hall, owner of The Grill Reign in Gloverville, SC on September 7, 2018. It was AH-MAZ-ING and transformative for all in attendance.


Through Speak up Sis!, Angel Charmaine, along with guest facilitators and every woman in the room, provide insights, guidance and empowerment to help transform the lives of women by reviving their dormant dreams and teaching them to live and walk in their purpose according to kingdom principles.  Since the conception of Speak up Sis!, the desire to create empowering communities for women has significantly grown.


Currently, Speak up Sis! provides national, in-person group experiences and a global, online community that not only empowers women to open their mouths and speak up, but also includes an online retail store which is the vehicle by which its founder/owner Angel Charmaine offers a helping hand with, no strings attached, to working, single-parents to help "carry the burden" when in need of financial assistance.


Fifty-percent of the profit from every Speak up Sis, LLC product sold on this website goes toward providing financial assistance to either individual, working, single-parents or select non-profit organizations that serve underserved populations of people.

Contact us and let's talk about how you and/or your organization can join hands with Speak up Sis! to help carry the burdens of single-parents and other underserved populations of people.


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I love the sisterhood such positive, blessed by God, anointed women. When you can be in a setting with different Queens to express yourself with no judgement, laughter and truth...I love it. Continued blessings for Speak up Sis! I love you Ms. Angel Charmaine.

Tiffany Coates

This woman is a powerhouse. She will ignite your soul, inspire you to do things you didn't think you had the power to do. Everyone comes to earth with a gift, she is living with hers to the fullest. She definitely sparks my fire!!! I love this fiery, true authentic and genuine spirit.

Chris Dorcelus

I love her truth-telling self! She holds no bars, but tells it like it is!

Valerie Champion


Thank you for supporting my vision to help people prosper in spirit, soul and body.  I bless God for you.

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