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Members-only community

KRYSÀLIS™ is an exclusive, members-only women’s community that helps you to transform your mind, body and soul within a protective and supportive environment, so you can live the life you deserve and desire.

Authenticity, Support, Resources, Growth

We activate, inspire and transform lives through a collective effort to transparently share knowledge, experiences, and resources.

Here's What to Expect in Krysàlis

Our community serves as a place to both SUPPORT and PROTECT during your process to unlock, unlearn and become unstuck on your journey to healing, re-learning and transforming into what you were created to be in the world.

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Connection & Camaraderie 

Meet and establish positive relationships with like-minded women who will support you on your journey to transformation. 

Women Who Run

Community Challenges

Engage in fun, supportive, and positive community challenges that help to begin the process of making personal and professional changes in your life.

At the Library

Solutions Center

Find resources to help you find solutions to the hard stuff of life instead of focusing on the problems.


Members-only Discounts

Receive members-only discounts on Speak Up Sis merchandise, webinars, courses and classes as well as exclusive discounts from our business partners.


Networking Sessions

Connect with community members and experts from various industries to share knowledge, resources and strategies for success. 

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Features & Opportunities

Opportunities to highlight your business on Speak Up Sis platforms, submit blog articles and share your expertise as a coach, teacher, speaker, etc.


Confident Woman

Melissa J.

I was expecting to sit and listen to speakers. As I sat in the room, I realized that this healing space, this safe space, this beautiful space was all about the people in the room.

Confident Businesswoman

Dana J.

Definitely informative and really helps.  Thank you for the information and dialogue. 

Smiling Girl

The Make It Happen Master Class was everything that I needed to get me started on my way. She brought so much clarity and helped my vision come to light. The next day I paid for my LLC and found the school for me to begin my coaching class.

Kimah G.

Do you need your community to be about positivity but also truth with the intention to help you grow?

Do you want a sisterhood that's eager to help you grow and live to your fullest potential?

Do you want to connect with women to talk through implementing business vision and finances?

Do you have a desire to connect with women who are open and willing to share information?

Do you want to meet women with similar interests?

Have you been looking for a mentor who is willing to provide guidance, motivation, emotional support and role-modeling?

You've Found Your Tribe!

Young Businesswomen

Still Have Questions?


How does membership work?

Members have 24/7 access to Speak Up Sis Life University courses and resources along with other monthly networking sessions.


How much does membership cost?

Membership is $59.97/month paid monthly. All workshops, courses and online events are free during the month a member is active. 

Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $399. No monthly payments are ever made after this payment. 


Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not provided.  However, membership can be cancelled anytime.