Empower Hour

Personalized, one-to-one, support on a wide range of issues and guidance and collaboration with you to set goals to meet your personal and professional needs. Through Empower Hour sessions, you receive relevant, realistic next-steps for personal and /or professional growth and development. 

Partner with me for guidance, strategy and support as you set out to create a roadmap of your journey towards belief, hope, truth, freedom and courage to live your fullest life boldly and on purpose.


Speak Up Sis Experience

Small, personalized one-day sessions where women share their stories and life-lessons learned in order to stand in their power and overcome guilt, shame, condemnation and so much more.

The Speak Up Sis™ Experience is for the women who love God but has church hurt; the women who find it difficult to get past guilt, shame or doubt, and the women who simply desire to be connected with other non judgemental women who understand and undergird their journey. 

Contact me to schedule a free 20 minute consultation to personalize your experience.


Podcast in a Box

Podcast in a Box  began as a five-day intensive course for people who are tired of procrastinating and/or trying to figure out podcasting on their own.  However, I soon realized my clients prefer the one-on-one support and direct attention from me on their individual podcast.

If you are looking for personal support and assistance to get started and support you through the following and more, schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me.

  • Choosing a topic

  • Episode formatting

  • Professional Cover art creation

  • Intros & Outros

  • Equipment selection

  • Hosting platforms

  • Promotion