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Mixed Messages

You're beautiful.

I love the way your mind works. If you use it a little less, I'd love it even more. You're fierce.

I appreciate your work ethic. If you settle down a bit, baby you'd be the sh!+. You're a queen.

You shift the atmosphere when you enter the room. If you walk behind me, they'll know I'm the king. Be a good girl and be a baddie. Make sure to get your face beat but keep it natural. You know I like it thick, so keep some meat on yo bones, but don't eat no chicken. D@$n, I just can't win for losin'.

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Unknown member
Mar 06, 2022

Definitely mixed messages, trying to confuse you


Valerie Champion
Valerie Champion
Feb 03, 2022

Had me laughing at the end. But I like chicken. 😂

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