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Relationship Release

I have never met Superman, but I have met a super man, Christopher Reid, aka Doc Reid is his name. When I first heard his name, it was in 2013 and my sistahcousin and I were looking to date after divorce, and you know how cray-cray that is. So, she found this man online who she said was amazing with relationships. We even called him a real-life Hitch, lol.

Now, this was before the life coach craze; he was a “relationship” coach. My sistahcousin believed in him so much that she PAID him a few hundred dollars for what I considered his “advice.” I thought, “I’ll pass. Can’t no man tell me nothing ‘bout me 'Iown' already know.” [insert sucked teeth, rolled eyes and head tilt to the right] Fast forward a few months... sistahcousin meets a gorgeous forward a few more months...sistahcousin is married to gorgeous man. Yep, Angel is still single and on Man 8. (You gotta read the book to meet Man 8)

Fast forward to January 2018...I have what I call a Jesus-experience and write and self-publish a book in seven days. Yep! I did and Jesus. During this time, I got a vision of my life but deep down inside I knew I wasn’t going to access it because of something. I didn’t know what the something was, but I knew the issue was deep inside, and I didn’t know how to fix it. It’s wild, but Hitch came to mind.

Five years later in 2018, I found him online still fixing folks' relationships. SN: That’s when you know it’s real. Go back 5, 10 years and they’re still doing what they do well and love doing it. Anyway, I called for the free consult, and the man read my whole life in 20 minutes. Needless to say, I paid the man. I learned that I had relationship issues too, but my issues began with my relationship with me based on limited thinking stemming from my childhood.

I learned a lot from this super man, but the one piece of advice I’ll never forget as he helped me deal with the fears of loss and rejection was one simple statement.

“Angel, you can’t lose what you never had.”

That messed me up and fixed my life in one swoop. I realized I had to be willing to release some things, some people, some issues that were never mine from the beginning and know that letting go wouldn’t destroy me; I would not die. That one statement ultimately helped me to write When I Met Him, a book all about one woman’s relationships with ten men that most women have met too. Once I made the decision to release the men, the hurts, the situations; I could move because I could see. Clearly, I am not a superman; however, I encourage you to begin your “relationship release” today. Don't miss out on all that was purposed for you while you cling to things that were never yours in the first place.

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Onbekend lid
08 jan. 2021

Amen and Amen again!!! “I had to realize I have to release somethings that are not mine in the first place” Amen.

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